Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To those who follow this blog:

As FWCC (Friends World Committee for Consultation) staff, I originally set up this blog to publish information about Western Quaker Churches and Meetings, publishing short summaries of information I found in Newsletters, on the internet, and from other sources. As I am no longer doing this work, I will now use the blog for my own musings, both Quaker and otherwise.

For example, I have been pondering my own history. How did I get from a young girl, running free on Fox Island in the middle of South Puget Sound, Washington, to this older (hopefully wiser) 60 ++ Quaker woman sitting in her bedroom with her computer in Portland, Oregon?

An overview of my Quaker history:

It started on an Air Force base near Fairbanks, Alaska. I met a civilian who happened to be a Quaker, married him, and little-by-little became a Quaker myself.

August 1968 I moved from Alaska to State College, Pennsylvania. I attended State College Meeting just a few times, but as it was my first Quaker Meeting, it remains in my heart.

January 1969 we moved to suburban Virginia. I tried a couple of Meetings, then settled on Goose Creek Meeting in Lincoln, VA where I first became a member.

In 1972 we moved to the town of Harvard in Massachusetts and we attended Acton Meeting.

1973 we moved to Tucson, AZ where we attended Pima Meeting. ( I was very confused when I visited the Friends Church in Tucson. Not what I expected. I’ve learned so much since then. And prayers please for Northwest Friends Church, Tucson, AZ whose church recently burned due to arson.)

1974 we moved to Bellevue, WA (Later Redmond, WA), attended and joined Eastside Meeting.

Things settled down for awhile and it wasn’t until 1987 when we moved to Corvallis, OR and joined Corvallis Meeting.

I now live in Portland, OR and am a member of Bridge City Meeting.