Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It’s been a busy month since I last wrote.
Wearing one of my other hats (member of Outreach and Visitation of North Pacific Yearly Meeting), I took the bus to Yakima, Washington to visit with Yakima Valley Worship Group where I was graciously hosted by Leni and Bob Skarin. I was able to worship, visit, and share a potluck with about 8 adults and 3 children. This worship group has been in existence for a long time (40 years at least) and while Friends are peripherally involved beyond the worship group, I did see it as a strong and vibrant group.
I firmly believe that one should extend one’s boundaries and I will say that riding Greyhound bus can be an experience that does that. One has the potential to be with people that one might not ordinarily associate with. And then there are the adventures, such as the bus breaking down in the Columbia Gorge and the arrival time in Yakima being about 5 hours late.
Margaret Fraser, Executive Secretary of FWCC, Section of the Americas, was in Oregon for a long weekend in late September. She stayed at my apartment with me and my cats and gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with a few Quakers from beyond the Northwest as we took Friends to their overnight hospitality before the Quaker Superintendents and Secretaries Meeting that took place at Twin Rocks on the Oregon Coast.
I mentioned earlier that I visited with Friends in Arizona and New Mexico. I had so many wonderful hosts. While at the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Meeting I stayed at Friends Southwest Center with Ruthe and Bill Schoder-Ehri. Once I started traveling on my own, I stayed with Carl and LaDonna Wallen in Tempe, Jason Odhner and Tenacity (and Basil the dog) in Phoenix, Patricia Palmer in Tucson, and Bez Booth McCauley in Albuquerque. Ian Ford and family took me to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
It is such a pleasure to be with Friends.

In Friendship,


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