Friday, January 30, 2009

News of Friends Meetings and Churches
The Tempe Meeting (AZ) Women's Group meets monthly, alternating brown bag lunches with dinner potlucks at parks, the Meeting House, and homes. This provides an opportunity for all women both young and old to strengthen their friendships with others from the Meeting.
Tempe Meeting (AZ) recently hosted the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Western Friend. Friends had the opportunity to meet the Board and enjoy fellowship with them and among themselves through hosting a potluck.
Tacoma Meeting (WA) pays the City of Tacoma a payment in lieu of taxes. This amount is what they think is an appropriate share of the cost for police and fire protection.
The South Seattle Preparative Meeting (WA) has a Quaker 104 group which meets monthly. They read books and Pendle Hill Pamphlets. As the group has met for four years, any new members need a basic understanding of Quaker practice and principles.
Friends from South Mountain Meeting (Ashland, OR) do Sacred Circle Dancing after Meeting for Worship on the Second Sunday of the Month. The dances are simple and the music wonderful. All are invited to participate.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group (NM) is pleased that many Quaker events are taking place in their Quaker House, including a simple supper, Quakerism 101 class, and a Spiritual Formation group. The New Mexico Regional Meeting will meet there on April 18.
Friends at Sherwood Friends Church (OR) are being asked: Are you interested in helping/ministering in new ways? If so, where do your interest and gifts lie?
Members and attenders of Santa Monica Meeting (CA) are invited to write proposals for Alice Herman Sojourning Fellowships for sustained visits of a week or more in situations away from Santa Monica where recipients are led to deepen or refresh their Quaker commitment, and share it with others through their deeds, words, and lives.
The children of Sandpoint Meeting (ID) are studying the queries in advance of the adult discussion on a particular query so that the children can participate as well.
Friends at San Francisco Meeting (CA) have the opportunity to learn more about Quakerism after Meeting for Worship on February 15. This session, led by Ministry and Oversight Committee will cover broad topics of Quaker faith, practice and history. They will end by answering big questions such as, “Why?” and “So now what?”
Salt Lake Meeting (UT) Ministry and Counsel will hold a threshing meeting to discuss topics about membership. Questions include: -- What does an attender need to know about becoming a member of the Meeting? -- What questions do attenders have about becoming members?
Sacramento Friends (CA) considered a request to serve champagne at an upcoming wedding to be held at the meeting house. Concern was expressed for those who are sensitive to the presence of alcohol and the request was withdrawn.
Orange Grove Meeting (Pasadena, CA) notes that its Meetinghouse was opened in February 1909. The Meeting wishes to honor this one hundred year anniversary with a celebration that would be simple, shared with the community in a simple manner and also help the building.
Orange Grove Meeting (Pasadena, CA) has agreed on wording for a banner to hang at the front of the Meeting House. The words will be “Live Simply so that others may simply live. Ghandi” The words will be in English and Spanish.
Orange County Meeting (Santa Ana, CA) will hold a talking meeting to receive input for the annual report sent to Southern California Quarterly Meeting. Participants in the talking meeting provide input on the past year in Meeting life and how they perceive their current state.
Carl Birky of Newberg Friends Church (OR) notes that when people are asked about grandchildren their voices become soft and they get out pictures. When asked about God, they become silent. Carl suggests we listen to God’s involvement in our lives with excitement, affirmation, and profound gratitude.
A Listening Life group at Newberg Friends Church (OR) suggests Friends set a timer at 30 or 60 minute intervals throughout the day. When the timer goes off, turn your thoughts to God for one minute. Dedicate your current task to God and open your mind and heart to God.
Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR) Friends are invited to Come to The Hearth! -- The Meeting’s very own salon/ Quaker living room/joyning from on Saturday evenings at the Meeting House. All ages are invited for World/classical/jazz/folk/sixties music;. Poets, singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers welcome.
Missoula Meeting (MT) will have a intergenerational FUN (Friends in Unity with Nature) night with pizza, games, and a movie about climate change, “Oil and Water.”
Lopez Island Worship Group (WA) has come under the care of Bellingham Meeting. A joint committee of the two groups has been formed.
Gila Meeting (Silver City, NM) reports that there has been great activity and need for community action on hunger. The Meeting is contributing to two local funds.
Glendora Friends Church (CA) notes that the largest group in its congregation is single young adults, many of whom have active roles in the church’s ministry. Families with young children are a growing group in their midst. How can the church cooperate with the Holy Spirit to propel these Friends forward in ministry?
Delta Meeting (CA) provided funds for a Peace Essay Contest.
Davis, Delta, and Sacramento Meetings (CA) met together for worship, potluck and a presentation of Pacific Yearly Meeting’s proposed Youth Coordinator position.
Bob Adhikary spoke at Citrus Heights Friends Church (CA). Bob has more than a dozen churches in southern Nepal and has a special gift of evangelistic preaching.
Children’s Program Committee of Bellingham Meeting (WA) indicates that the children are involved in Worship Sharing during their program. If they finish in time, they will come into adult worship with the toddlers, if not, they will come in a little later.
Agate Passage Meeting (Poulsbo, WA) reads poetry on First Sundays. A Friend brings poems to read with copies for all. After they talk about the poems, they read them again.

More than one Meeting:
Many Meetings are considering involvement with the Quaker Quest Program.

PS. Personal note:
It’s cold! I repeat what I said to the long-distance truck-driving nephew, “Surprise, it’s winter.”
I’m usually pretty good about the cold; generally it doesn’t bother me that much. But I realized lately, I’ve just been COLD.
So, the other day, I vowed to take care of the situation. I wasn’t going to be cold. I was to pick up granddaughter Sophie, take her by bus to a local Mall to hang out for awhile, and then take her to her Mommy’s office to hand her over. I bundled up. And was I ever HOT! Seems as though you just can’t win!
But a very special plus was that Becky’s friend and co-worker, Sabrina Godfrey is a member of Multnomah Meeting. Sabrina and I ended up on the same bus going back home and had a nice visit. It’s a small world in a big city.

I occasionally force myself to do something that’s not me. It’s so easy to do what is normal and comfortable. But if I don’t take a leap every once in awhile, I’d be stuck in a horrible rut.
When I saw that Reedwood Friends Church was offering a Wednesday evening class on Spirituality and Creativity, I knew I had to take it. I am NOT an artsy person. I provide arts materials for my granddaughter but rarely do anything creative myself.
Melanie Weidner is leading the class, “Fill the Well.” She brings poetry, her own works of art to us, and we share our stories in words and with art. So far we’ve used clay and colored markers. I love it that Melanie doesn’t know what the theme of the evening will be until shortly before the class. We’re filling the spiritual well with art.

In Friendship,

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