Monday, March 9, 2009

Personal note:
I rode Amtrak to Berkeley, CA for Berkeley Friends Church’s Quaker Heritage Day and the Annual Meeting of WARSF, the Western Association of the Religious Society of Friends. Both events were wonderful. Dan Seeger spoke movingly about John Woolman and today’s economic times and it was good to see Friends from Berkeley and Whittier. And Berkeley fed us well, as usual.
Riding Amtrak is like being in a parallel universe. I found this trip pleasant and relaxing. Altogether I was on the train for 36 hours!
Back home, things were a little more difficult. Sophie was sick. The doctor said she had pneumonia. Luckily, medicine got her up and moving around again. She bounced back well.
Last weekend I went to Olympia, Washington for a meeting of North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Outreach and Visitation Committee. We considered how we can reach out to small meetings and isolated Friends in our region. (And if you are a member of NPYM and are interested in visiting NWYM as an NPYM visitor, e-mail me.)
Now I have the cold, but I will recover and all is well.

In Friendship,

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