Monday, November 10, 2008

News of Friends Churches and Monthly Meeting
Dorsey Green of University Meeting (Seattle, WA) is to be named the new clerk of Friends Committee on National Legislation.
Spokane Friends Church (WA) will offer a Christian Educators Seminar, “Teach the Way Jesus Taught,” on November 15.
Santa Fe Meeting (NM) met for Meeting for Worship for Business in the garden under the crabapple tree.
Santa Fe Meeting (NM) sent a message to Santa Fe Friends, including the following message:
“Customarily, people donate generously at the end of the year. We would encourage you to do so to the best of your ability, despite the current dismal financial picture for the country and the world. Each contribution is greatly appreciated for the love and thought with which it is given. The widow’s mite is as precious as the prince’s gem.”
The Clerk of San Francisco Meeting (CA) asked for Friends’ input on where they should turn their attention as a Meeting. Friends were asked to share reflections out of the silence on (1) spiritual life, (2) budget and money, (3) diversity, (4) witness (including their connection with AFSC), (5) outreach, (6) spiritual development, and (7) education.
Interim Pastor at Olympic View Friends Church (Tacoma, WA) is Mark Kelley, formerly of First Friends, Vancouver, WA..
Children in grades Kindergarten to Second Grade were offered a K-2 Fun Night with pizza, stories, and games on November 8 at Newberg Friends Church (OR). Their parents were offered a night off!
Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR) is holding a second threshing session on helping those in need with queries, (1) Should we have different processes for meeting the needs of the Meeting community and meeting the needs of those who are unknown to us? (2) What are appropriate levels of assistance that we are capable of providing? (3) What is our calling for supporting organizations that help people locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally?
Ministry and Oversight of Corvallis Meeting (OR) is considering issues of safety, including what is published in the newsletter that might compromise the confidentiality of a member; what the meeting might do if a weapon is observed during worship; and that people with communicable diseases consider the risk they might pose to other members.
Friends at Capay Friends Church (CA) during a Vision Sunday drove to a cemetery where they found a giant tombstone with the epitah “Loved God, Loved People, Loved Life.” Friends then found name cards available to place their names on the tombstone. They were challenged with the questions: Are you as close to God as you should be? What kind of impact have you had on others? What has your life stood for?
Caldwell Friends Church (ID) has approved the launching of a Latino Church plant with the help of Jorge Sileoni.
Bridge City Meeting (Portland, OR) held a Day of the Dead gathering. Friends were encouraged to bring favorite food, a significant clothing item, and/or a picture of a loved one who has passed on.

Deaths noted in Newsletters
Faith Carson, Olympia Meeting

PS. Personal note:
I was so sorry to hear of Faith Carson’s death. She’s been a mentor to me in many ways since the early 1970’s when I first started attending Meeting at Eastside Meeting (Bellevue,WA). Faith was always so cheerful and hopeful. She lived up to her name.
It’s been a family time the last couple of weeks. Sophie and I have had two sleepovers recently. When she stays over we do lots of baking and cooking. We made pizza one night and pancakes another morning.
During one of her visits I was reminded of a delightful visit with my other two grandkids last summer, so we called Juniper and Nigel to see what they were doing. They and their Papa were getting ready to go pick apples to make applesauce for the winter.
Sophie’s family had to move recently because the duplex they were living in was foreclosed upon. The end result is very pleasant for her. She is now living with her parents, grandparents, uncle and dogs and cats in a big house east of Portland. I got involved with some packing and unpacking for the move, but my biggest contribution was keeping Sophie for about 24 hours during the actual move. It’s a rough job, but somebody got to do it!
Some of you know that I have been without a car since late June, relying on the generosity of friends (but as little as possible) and public transportation. I am proud to announce that I am the proud owner of “Rocy*,” a 1986 Volvo wagon. I plan to continue to use the bus as much as possible and Rocy and I will go to the store and to places (like my daughter’s house) where the bus doesn’t take us easily.

*Short for Rocinante, of course.

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