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News of Friends Meetings and Churches

Albuquerque Friends (NM) will host a Benefit on behalf of the New Mexico Coalition for Immigrant Justice on June 19. The Benefit will feature Patricia Morrison, a singer/songwriter from Tucson and Rachel Lazar from El Centro de Derechos y Igualdades speaking on vital current immigration issues.

Given that the majority of Friends living locally have not taken on current responsibilities on committees within Albuquerque Meeting (NM), Meeting requests that Worship and Ministry committee consider the matter.

Oversight and Counsel of Albuquerque Friends (NM) proposes that the Meeting create a “Care List,” i.e. a list of the names of Friends who would sign up to help out on short notice, or as long as the case might be, in some particular way. The Committee does not intend long-term commitment, but thinks it might be a good idea, when a Friend is in particular need, to be able to contact someone who could manage that brief need.

At Friday Night at the Movies, Friends at Berkeley Friends Church (CA) watched “Rabbit-Proof Fence.” (2002) In 1930's Australia, three aboriginal girls escape after being plucked from their homes to be trained as domestic staff and set off on a trek across the Outback.

Camas Friends Church (WA) has 16 people signed up for its "Very Short Introduction to the Quakers" book group on Wednesdays at the meeting house! There’s still more room available; Friends need to RSVP.

Canyon Hills Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) will continue its series, "Answering Life's Toughest Questions." by talking about "How Do I Face the Future?" In such an uncertain time in our nation's economy, this is a message Friends don't want to miss.

Canyon Hills Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) celebrates its 20th anniversary on Sunday, June 13th. Friends are combining three weekend services into one for this special celebration—a great morning connecting with the church family outdoors. Friends were invited to dress casual, arrive early, fellowship over coffee and get ready for an inspiring morning of music and message. Then they might enjoy visiting over lunch, provided on-site by a Carl's Jr. Truck and a Mexican Taco Truck, while the kids play on the bounce houses and play-ground.

This summer Canyon Hills Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) is offering a sport themed tutoring program called All Star Achievers. It is designed to give elementary school (1st-6th grade) students a safe and fun place to go during the summer where they can fellowship with other students and keep up their academic skills. Each session begins with a short devotional and includes time for academic lessons focused on reading comprehension and mathematics.

The Cherry Grove Friends Church (Battleground, WA) annual Prairie High School Senior Tea was born in the spring of 1980. For over 30 years, various women in Cherry Grove’s congregation have given their hearts, hands, cream and sugar sets, and pounds of cheese to create a special event for the young high school women and their mothers. Members of Cherry Grove’s congregation provide the music, benediction, and kitchen help. Junior girls from the high school volunteer to be servers and get a sneak peek at the event. One senior girl is chosen as a speaker in addition to a speaker selected by Cherry Grove.

Oversight and Fellowship Committee of Chico Meeting (CA) shared the calendar policy developed by the committee with the understanding that it is the Meeting’s practice to avoid scheduling activities in conflict with Meetings for Worship (First Day and mid-week), Meetings for Business, and singing (First Day).

Chico Meeting (CA) minuted its acceptance of oversight of a grant that Chris Moore-Backman has received from the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership for his Operation Nonviolent Life project. The committee will appoint a support committee for Chris and oversee disbursement of funds according to grant guidelines.

There is no named clerk for Ministry and Counsel of Claremont Meeting (CA) at this time. Clerking will rotate among members with one member serving as contact person to funnel information to the appropriate person.

Corvallis Friends (OR) will gather at Ona Beach for the Meeting’s annual worship on the beach on Sunday, June 20th. As the date nears, Jim and Eileen Flory will advise Friends about the weather (their nearby house is the rain location) and directions for getting to the beach, which is about seven miles south of Newport.

On Thursday, July 8: Lilian Vega Ortiz, Guatemalan Alternatives to Violence

Project (AVP) facilitator, will speak to Corvallis Meeting (OR) on “Creating Hope: The Story of

a Peacemaker in Guatemala”. She has worked with Friends Peace Teams “Peacebuilding en Las Américas” initiative in Central America. In her talk, Lilian will tell how the civil war and the resulting culture of violence have affected the culture and people of Guatemala.

There will be a Concert for Guatemala: Friday July 9 at 7 pm at Eugene Meeting (OR) with Patricia Morrison, Quaker singer/songwriter and Lilian Vega Ortiz, from Friends Peace Teams and Alternatives to Violence Project in Guatemala.

The ad hoc Fair Committee will be managing the Fair Booth at the 2010 Nevada County Fair as representing Grass Valley Friends Meeting (CA).

Honolulu Meeting (HI) recently published a special issue of its newsletter, Ka Makamaka, with basic information about Quakers, a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, short essays on “How I became a Quaker,” an explanation of the Meeting’s regular events, a map, and a sample calendar of events.

Oversight and Counsel Committee Honolulu Meeting (HI) is considering a buddy system for people who seem to be at risk. There are various forms this could take. All are reminded this is a serious commitment to be considered only if one is able to assist. The committee will determine who is in need or at risk and welcomes requests for assistance as well.

For the Klamath Falls Friends Church (OR) Seed Money Project, Friends have been given an amount of money to use as seed money for a giving project. Each adult was given $50.00 and each child $10.00. The idea is to "grow" the money for the Kaimosi University Scholarship project and/or for the community fund to help those who have special needs. The inspiration for this is the Parable of the Talents found in Matthew 25: 14-30. Friends will come together with a barbecue in September to celebrate the "giving back" and with stories of how they used the money.

Mid Island Allowed Meeting (BC), a component of Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting, rotates the location of the Meeting for Business, thus, more of the group has been able to participate, especially when they are hosting. This has increased both comfort with and skill levels in Quaker ways of doing business.

Discussion about the position of “Soup Wrangler” at Missoula Meeting (MT) ensued, particularly the role of ensuring the Meeting House and Fellowship Hall are clean and organized every week after soup. Friends agreed that those who bring soup should continue to be responsible for dish, kitchen, and eating area clean up before leaving. Friends requested that the “Soup Wrangler” make this role clear to Friends as they sign up for soup because the “common knowledge” is not very common. A Friend has compiled a check-list of weekly post-soup duties.

June 6 was the last day of class for Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR) and all children received a gift book to commemorate their year in the program. During the summer, all kids will go to Laurelhurst Park for unstructured play during Meeting each Sunday, with adult volunteers.

Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR) has a Covenant of Caring with the Senor del Amigas Monstery in Honduras. Letters from Sister Alegria (Beth Blodgett, an attender of the Meeting) and from Sister Confianza are posted on the MMM Bulletin Board in the Social Hall.

On July 7, Lilian Vega Ortiz will speak on Creating Hope, the story of a Peacemaker in Guatemala, at Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR). Lilian will talk about how the civil war and the resulting culture of violence have affected the culture and people of Guatemala.

A Friendly Visitor of Newberg Friends Church (OR) is one who schedules visits (one to four a month) with NFCers who can’t attend Sunday worship services. A Friendly Visitor is a friendly person who can visit with someone for ½-1 hour 1-4 times a month and feels compassion for those who desire a regular and personal connection to their church community. Friendly Visitors can be youth, family, single, or couple.

Orange Grove Meeting (Pasadena, CA) cooks dinner at the Union Station homeless shelter every fifth Sunday of the month. It's a good time, cooking and chatting, and eating.

Orange Grove Meeting (Pasadena, CA) has office space available to rent to a non-profit organization serving a good cause. Interested parties should contact

First-Day School Committee of Pima Meeting (Tucson, AZ) sought input concerning how to discipline children who are interfering with the learning of other children. It was suggested that the older kids have a Meeting for Business to discuss it. This would include what positive things the kids want to work towards.

The Mexico 2k10 High School Missions Team of Reedwood Friends Church (Portland, OR) will soon be leaving for Tijuana, Mexico to build a house for a family in need. The group decided to leave cell phones at home and is dealing with the concept of holding possessions lightly.

Reno Meeting (NV) is considering that that during the seasons when the weather is good perhaps they could also hold potluck birthdays outside. The meetinghouse borders on a nice park with picnic tables and if the First Day kids have their classes “al fresco” adults could walk from the meetinghouse during the last part of meeting to worship with the children outside. Adults would go to the kids instead of them coming inside to the adults.

At Rose Drive Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA), a recent Sunday featured a collection of some of the best musical offerings from the church’s Choir & Orchestra in the Annual Favorites Sunday. Featured songs include-Praise You with drum corps, I Will Follow Christ with the RDFC three young tenors from Easter Sunday—nine choir & orchestra songs in all!

The Father Daughter Dinner at Rose Drive Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) will be back again this year! Friends are asked to save the date of Friday, July 2 and enjoy a great catered meal and make lasting memories! They can take home a photo of the evening! This year Jay, Allison, and Sasha Bond will share on the theme In My Father's Eyes.

Sacramento Friends Community Church (CA) has "waiting worship" on every fifth Sunday. Many in this small congregation bring the word of the Lord in these sessions. On a recent Sunday, several were moved to sing praises. One of the Kenyan members started by singing a familiar hymn in Swahili. Other Kenyans joined in and then many joined in English. The church also has an hour of unprogrammed worship every Sunday evening.

A Fund for Leadings will be set up at San Francisco Friends Meeting (CA). The purpose of this fund is to encourage Friends who feel "a sense of being called by God to undertake a specific course of action" to pursue their leadings. The fund would only exist until the original monies were

disbursed and then be laid down. Friends will hold a second hour meeting on discernment of leadings.

The deed to the San Jose Meeting House (CA), recorded in the 1950’s, is in the form of a Directors Deed harking back to a time when tax-exempt religious organizations couldn’t own property outright. The title for the Meeting House is held by five trustees on behalf of the College Park Association of Friends. Since all the trustees on the deed are deceased, the Meeting will need to petition the Superior Court to replace the trustees. There will be a legal filing fee of $355 and miscellaneous additional expenses. These are included in the budget for the coming year.

Santa Fe Friends (NM) considered and approved the creation of an Adult Education Committee to identify the role of the committee and make recommendations about adult education and return to business meeting with these recommendations. Others are encouraged to participate and volunteer.

Santa Fe Friends (NM) agreed that the purpose of the Fellowship Committee would be changed to providing greeters before and after the 11 am meeting and to establish a separate Housekeeping Committee with responsibility for opening and closing the meetinghouse on First Days.

Santa Monica Meeting (CA) Sandwich Making for the Homeless meets on fourth Sundays during Fellowship.

South Seattle Friends (WA) will have an intimate conversation about the origins and destinations of their money. This Adult Religious Education session will be an inquiry into why people in general, and Friends in particular, have such a hard time talking about money. Friends will explore how a more honest relationship with how we came to our money and what to do with it could help us as Friends seeking to live according to our testimonies.

Spokane Friends (WA) bring donations for the local food bank on the same Sunday as monthly meeting.

Motors rumbled and chrome gleamed in the parking lot of Spring Valley Friends Community Church (CA) when Friends held their car show. Fifteen classic cars, three modern cars and a BMW Motorcycle sidecar showed up to tell their stories.

A revised policy on the Use of Time After the Rise of Meeting at Strawberry Creek Meeting (Berkeley, CA) is being seasoned. The document sets out guiding principles for scheduling events after Meeting for Worship. It also lists the kinds of events which

may be scheduled for each first day of the month. The Care of the Meeting Committee hopes the guidelines will encourage Friends to think creatively about time and be more flexible in using it.

Each summer a Quaker fleet takes to the highways to and from the site of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting annual session. This year, in the interest of lowering NPYM's carbon footprint and implementing our 2008 NPYM Minute on Climate Change, if you have an available seat in your portion of the Friendly Fleet, please post your route and travel times as a comment on the RideSharing page at In addition, if you need a seat so you can leave your own vehicle in the garage and save nearly 100% of your emissions, please also post that on the Walla Walla Preparative Meeting (WA) website.

Joe Sacco is a critically acclaimed graphic novelist, with a background in journalism. His books have portrayed what life is like for ordinary people in war-torn places like Bosnia and Palestine. As he lives in Portland, he agreed to visit West Hills Friends Church(Portland, OR) where he reflected on his understanding of violence and his expertise as a story teller.

First Friends, Whittier (CA) for the first time will not be represented at the up-coming United Society of Friends Women International Triennial. The Triennial will be held in July in Mombasa, Kenya.

The writing class of First Friends, Whittier (CA), now in its 18th year, is taking a summer break. It was noted that new members are always welcome and one doesn’t have to be old to join!

Beyond the Monthly Meeting/Churches

Alaska Friends Conference is partnering with Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting to host a Youth Service Camp in Ohio immediately before FGC Gathering this year. It's an exciting opportunity for Alaskan youth. Alaska Friends need to raise $3600 by June 23rd.

The Third National Quaker Conference on Torture & Accountability is scheduled for September 24-26, 2010 at Quaker Center, Ben Lomond CA.
Two internationally known anti-torture activists will headline the Conference on Torture. Human rights attorney and investigator Scott Horton will be the keynote speaker. Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch, will also bring his unique perspective on the work.

Canadian Yearly Meeting meets in Winnipeg, Manitoba Aug. 13-20 at the Canadian Mennonite University.

The Christian Friends Conference of Northern California met on June 12th at Berkeley Friends Church. Keith Barton made a presentation on the Second Commandment.

The Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy is the Quaker group whose mission is to bring Friends' testimonies to public policy in the State of Washington. FCWPP seeks to fill the position of Legislative Advocate, i.e., lobbyist. This position is part-time; a Quaker is preferred. For a complete job description, see, or contact FCWPP Clerk Tom Ewell c/o

The Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy is requesting suggestions for the redesign of the FCWPP logo. The current FCWPP logo now consists of a hint of the outline of the state, a small bird, an evergreen tree and a mountain. The Committee would like its logo to better represent Quaker identity, work in Olympia, and the mission of working for criminal reform, peace, and economic and environmental issues.

Samuel Mahaffy of Spokane Friends Church (WA) is serving as the Coordinator for the FWCC Global Change Consultation. Information: or

The Los Altos History Museum will present an exhibit about Frank and Josephine Duvenick, between January and June of 2011. The Duvenicks were active in the Quaker Community and also with The American Friends Service Committee.

Montana Gathering of Friends (MGOF) is in a six month process of laying down one of its Monthly Meetings, Heartland, and assuming the membership of those Friends. MGOF will now be both the Monthly Meeting for those Friends and the Quarterly Meeting for friends from the Missoula Meeting and elsewhere in the State.

Registration is open at for North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Annual Session, July 14-18 in Missoula, MT. The theme of this year’s gathering is “Practicing Hope: Living and Witnessing Our Testimonies”, with Friend-in-Residence Bridget Moix of FCNL. On Line Registration is available this year! Friends can also register as in previous years (download and mail in forms).

Each summer a Quaker fleet takes to the highways to and from the site of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting annual session. This year, in the interest of lowering NPYM's carbon footprint and implementing our 2008 NPYM Minute on Climate Change, if you have an available seat in your portion of the Friendly Fleet, please post your route and travel times as a comment on the RideSharing page at In addition, if you need a seat so you can leave your own vehicle in the garage and save nearly 100% of your emissions, please also post that on the Walla Walla Preparative Meeting (WA) website.

Please support the North Pacific Yearly Meeting Junior Friends Service Trip to Petersfield Jamaica July 25 to August 1, 2010. More information about the trip:

Several Northwest Yearly Meeting churches are involved with community gardens this summer, providing opportunity to build relationships with their neighbors while meeting very real needs for nutritious food.

Northwest Yearly Meeting will gather at George Fox University for worship, business, and visioning on July 25-29. The keynote address by Superintendent Colin Saxton will be on Sunday and the Outreach Rally will occur on Monday. Scott Daniels, Senior Pastor at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene, will speak Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on the important questions the Church must always ask: What is God doing in the world? And what does the Church look like that understands what God is doing in the world? How can the Church hear these conversations so that it doesn’t miss out on what God is doing as he brings about the redemption of his creation? Go to for information and to register on-line.

The Peace Education subcommittee of Northwest Yearly Meeting is accepting submissions for January’s daily devotional focused on how NWYM members are walking in peace. The foundational query is: “In what ways have you felt called to live out the Friends peace testimony?”

Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 64th gathering will be held at Claremont McKenna College, near Los Angeles, from July 26 to 31. The theme, Engaging One Another in the Spirit, invites Friends to deepen their awareness of God and each other. George Lakey of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting will be the keynote speaker, and there will be a return visit by Vanessa Julye of Friends General Conference’s Committee for Ministry on Racism. Unity with Nature Committee is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and has special events planned.

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