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Quaker Youth Pilgrimage in the NW

A funny thing happened on the way to the latest Newsletter Summary. I got very involved with the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, and not very involved in much else in my life. Thus, much of what you will find listed below is very dated and I missed reporting on many events such as yearly meetings which happened this summer.

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, a program of Friends World Committee for Consultation, is in the Northwest this summer. From July 15 to August 12th, 28 Quaker youth from Great Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States, age 16-18, and 4 leaders are traveling in Oregon and Washington State.

They arrived in Seattle and gathered at Eastside Meeting; after homestays they went to Quaker Cove near Anacortes,WA. They stayed at North Seattle Friends Church before taking AMTRAK to Portland where they stayed at Multnomah Meeting. They are now at Camp Magruder on the Oregon Coast. From there they go to Camas Friends and Anderson Lodge, Ariel, WA, before flying out of Sea-Tac on August 12th.

Many Friends have helped with the Pilgrimage. Special thanks go to cooks Patty Federighi (North Seattle Friends Church), Sea Gabriel (South Seattle Preparative Meeting), Pablo Stanfield (University Meeting), and Kathy Hyzy (Multnomah Meeting).

News of Friends Meetings and Churches

Jon Maroni, George Fox University Graduate and George Fox Evangelical Seminary student, has joined the staff at 2nd Street Community Church (Newberg, OR) as youth pastor.

Friends of Agate Passage Meeting (Poulsbo, WA) were welcomed to a Friends’ home on aWednesday evening for a quiet hour of worship. There was a lot of light in June: sky and water were illuminated by the evening sun.

Albuquerque Friends (NM) hosted a Benefit on behalf of the New Mexico Coalition for Immigrant Justice. The Benefit featured Patricia Morrison, a singer/songwriter from Tucson and Rachel Lazar from El Centro de Derechos y Igualdades speaking on vital current immigration issues.

Bellingham Friends (WA) and their families gathered for a Soup Supper and to hear recent travel tales from Friends Mimi Freshley, Bob Butterfield, and Annelise Pysanky.

Several Friends from Bellingham Meeting (WA) came to Quaker Cove to worship with the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage.

Berkeley Meeting (CA) will hold a Melon Tasting Party as a fundraiser for the Meeting Renovation on Saturday, August 14. Late summer is the height of melon season, with up to two dozen varieties available in the markets. But which one to choose? They are big and each one is a commitment. What if you do not like it? Friends are invited to a melon tasting party to taste about 15 varieties.

Bridge City Meeting (Portland, OR) brought supper to the Quake Youth Pilgrimage one night when the Pilgrims were at Multnomah Meeting.

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage will spend a weekend at Camas Friends Church (WA).

Canyon Hills Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) is offering a sport themed tutoring program called All Star Achievers. It is designed to give elementary school (1st-6th grade) students a safe and fun place to go during the summer where they can fellowship with other students and keep up their academic skills. Each session begins with a short devotional and includes time for academic lessons focused on reading comprehension and mathematics

Dinner Clubs at Citrus Heights Friends Church (CA) are composed of 4-8 adults in each group with each group representing three households. Friends will share a meal at a different home in the group over a three-week period and do some special get-to-know-one-another activities during each meal.

Ignite is an alternative worship experience at Citrus Heights Friends Church (CA) designed to reach people who do not have a traditional church background, in other words, a church for people who don’t like church. It meets at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday evening and is designed for families with kids, and for 20’s-30-somethings, singles, and young adults.

As part of the City of Claremont annual July 4th parade, there was an interfaith group marching in support of marriage equality. Claremont Meeting (CA) led a Quaker contingent in that group (Quaker banner and all!) , and they invited Orange Grove Meeting to join them.

Friends from Corvallis Meeting (OR) are invited to a book group to read Marge Abbott's new book To Be Broken and Tender: A Quaker Theology for Today.

Worship and Ministry of Davis Meeting (CA) invites Friends to continue spirituality queries during the summer, on the third Sundays, 8:30-9:30 a.m., before worship and on the fourth Wednesdays after worship and potluck.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Davis Meeting (CA) held a Meeting for Suffering for victims and survivors (e.g., fisherman,turtles) of the Gulf oil. Peace and Social Concerns arranged this and invite the public.

Delta Meeting (Stockton, CA) plans to visit with the Unitarian Fellowship in Sonora on the fourth First Day in either October or November.

Duncan Worship Group (BC) felt a need to provide a forum for deeper understanding of what they’re all about. They decided on four evening gatherings to share ideas on various topics, naming the process "Quaker Paths," deliberately plural to reflect the diversity of experiences and leadings. The format and content are designed to allow for meaningful reflection for seasoned and new Friends alike.

Eastside Meeting (Bellevue, WA) was the first stop for the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage on Thursday, July 15. Friends welcomed youth age 16-18 from all over the world with lunch, supper, and hospitality.

Eugene Meeting (OR) held a concert for Guatemala in early July with Patricia Morrison, Quaker singer/songwriter and Lilian Vega Ortiz, from Friends Peace Teams and Alternatives to Violence Project in Guatemala.

To strengthen outreach and fellowship among Friends, there will be “pizza and more” on the third Friday evening of each month at the Honolulu (HI) Meetinghouse.

- Humboldt Meeting (Arcata, CA) held a successful rummage sale on May 15 with many participating. The sale generated funds to support activities of the Meeting.

Members of Ministry and Oversight have been in recent communication with a Friend concerning this Friend’s membership in Humboldt Meeting (Arcata, CA). The Friend indicates no intention of actively participating in the life of the meeting, but wants to retain connection to the wider community of Friends. After seasoning and consideration of this unique situation, Ministry and Oversight recommends that the membership status of this Friend be termed “inactive.”

Don Lamm retired from active ministry with Marion Friends Church (OR) after 55 years in ministry, which included pasturing a church in California, serving as district superintendent of two Areas of Northwest Yearly Meeting, and pasturing seven Northwest Yearly Meeting churches.

Bill and Faye Pruitt, are taking over pastoral duties at Marion Friends Church (OR), upon the retirement of Don Lamm.

At a threshing session at Multomah Meeting (Portland, OR) Friends recommended strengthening the Meeting’s commitment to families and to building community, by returning to some of the Meeting’s traditions such as baby welcomings and family gatherings and intergenerational events.

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage stayed at Multnomah Meeting (Portland, OR) for six days. Ann Dudley, Eddy Crouch, and Lew Scholls were the planning committee which produced breakfasts, lunches, and the Sunday evening supper.

Newberg Friends Church (OR) hosted the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage for an evening supper.

Friends from North Seattle Friends Church, Salmon Bay Meeting, South Seattle Preparative Meeting, and University Meeting drove to Quaker Cove near Anacortes, WA to worship with the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, eat lunch with them and drive them back to Seattle.

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage stayed at North Seattle Friends Church (WA) for six days.

North Valley Friends Church (Newberg, Oregon) currently has a ¾ mile walking trail around the Church’s property. In an effort to build a culture of peace in the church and surrounding community Friends will be adding a variety of peace elements and stations to the trail. These additions would be a way of sharing who they are as a Quaker church and the value they place in our testimony of peace. This is to be a gift to our community by offering a sense of welcome and a space for reflection.

Orange County Meeting (Pasadena, CA) discovered it had extra money at the end of the fiscal year and the Finance Committee recommended putting the excess into the Building Fund. It was suggested that putting the money into the building fund would be fine, and that the Meeting trusts the Finance Committee to decide which fund should hold money not being spent.

Worship and Ministry Committee of Palo Alto Meeting (CA) is planning a summer study series on Eldering. The three sessions will consider: (1)The role of elder to traveling ministers; (2) Role-playing eldering in day-to-day situations; and (3) Self-eldering.

Oversight Committee of Palo Alto Meeting (CA) reported that the in the future the “new comers lunch” will be folded into the regular fourth Sunday luncheon by having a separate table designation.

Wednesday Night Escapes is a weekly gathering of Young Adult Friends of Pima Meeting (Tucson, AZ) for worship, fellowship and dinner.

The treasurer of Pima Meeting (Tucson, AZ) sends all committee clerks a monthly summary of their budget, and committee clerks are responsible for their committee’s spending.

Quincy Friends Church (WA) invited all who have or have had ties to Quincy to join the church for a final Worship Service on August 1, 2010. The decision to lay down the meeting has not been easy; however, the changing demographics of the community and the aging of the congregation have necessitated this decision.

The Property Committee of Redwood Forest Meeting (Santa Rosa, CA) evaluated four bids and recommends installing a grid-tied photovoltaic solar generation system which would generate about 20% more than the Meeting’s annual need for electric power.

Futures Committee of Redwood Forest Meeting (Santa Rosa, CA) asked Friends:

Can you describe a specific experience in the life of the Meeting that made you come alive? Tell about a time when you felt really connected to the Meeting. What made that possible? What gifts do you bring to the Meeting?

It’s barbeque time at Reedwood Friends Church (Portland, OR). Friends will join together on Wednesday evenings during the summer for food, play, and companionship.

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage joined with Reedwood Friends Church (Portland, OR) for an evening barbeque. A group of the Pilgrims worshipped with Reedwood Friends and had lunch with them.

Friends responded to the Oversight Committee survey of Reno Meeting (NV) about how to heal and build the Meeting. The option chosen most was “clearness committees”. Tied for second place were “ask for help from CPQM”, “study Faith and Practice” and ”study Pendle Hill pamphlet re Matthew 18”. Third place was a tie between “take Myers Briggs Personality Inventory” and “plan community events”.

Starting the first weekend in July and running through Labor Day weekend, Rose Drive Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA), invites Friends to choose their "Summer Blend." On Saturday evenings Casual Blend suggests Friends should come as they are and hear uplifting music. Sunday’s 9:00 a.m. service offers all the things Friends love in blended worship (including the choir, hymns, and worship songs). Sunday’s 10:45 a.m. service offers a unique experience combining energy and heart through vibrant worship in community.

Middle School students of Rose Drive Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA) enjoy Poolside time—backyard Bible study and swimming events that take place Wednesday evenings during the summer.

Sacramento Meeting (CA) approved holding Meetings for Business on the third Sunday of each month during the time of the current Clerk’s clerkship. The Meeting will reserve the second Sunday for whole meeting programs.

Sacramento Meeting (CA) stands by its current policy. “Sacramento Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) affirms that it will conduct marriages of same-gender Quaker couples. Because of the laws of the State, these marriages do not have legal standing, but we will continue to advocate that same-gender couples be given the rights of civil marriage, and all other privileges and responsibilities that opposite-gender couples now enjoy.”

A Friend spoke to Sacramento Meeting (CA) about a leading to help undocumented students attend college. This leading emerges from both personal experience and an ongoing commitment to education. A number of Friends have been moved to join this Friend in exploring and seasoning this leading.

Children’s Religious Education Committee of San Francisco Meeting (CA) reported:

A parents’ email list will be developed to help communication as well as a bulletin board. A list of books, snacks, art supplies, and other items are being developed to better capture the budget needs of the Committee. A curriculum structure is being developed with welcoming, salutation, snack, story, silent activity, discussion/questions, and closing circle.

From the Santa Cruz Meeting (CA) Newsletter: To the angels who lovingly take the dirty dish towels, tablecloths, floor towels and mop-heads from the meeting house, wash them and return them clean and fresh, THANK YOU. You provide a tremendous service most us probably do not think about. We usually do not know who you are as it is a behind the scenes job. Consequently you probably never receive thanks for volunteering in this way. And, dear angels who have the dish towels... we need them back! We have about two towels left hanging out to dry in the kitchen!!!”

Women from Santa Fe Meeting (NM) were invited to “Gather in the Garden” in early July for an evening pot luck.

Spokane Friends Church (WA) approved a bid to replace the entire gabled roof of the Meeting House because of damage to the tiles in recent windstorms.

The Quaker Men of Spring Valley Friends Community Church (CA) sponsored the Annual Quaker Men Picnic. Friends descended upon Flinn Springs County Park to fellowship, eat good food, play fun outdoor games, and sing songs.

Strawberry Creek Meeting (Berkeley, CA) will hold an Outdoor Meeting for Worship at Live Oak Park on August 29. Meeting for worship will be held simultaneously at the usual meeting place.

A table is now in the center of the room for Meeting for Worship at Tempe Meeting (AZ) for the convenience of those using special microphones. It has also become a repository for Faith and Practice, a Bible and a hymn book.

Care Committees started at University Friends Meeting (Seattle, WA) over thirty years ago as Circles of Care. Care Committees have formed around such issues as acute health problems, chronic health problems, important losses, impending difficulties, etc. Members or regular attenders who wish Care Committees should contact the clerk of the Sub-committee on Care,

Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting (BC) is partnering with the United Church, the Anglican Church and Aboriginal Neighbors as they seek reconciliation and redress.

Victoria Friends (BC) noted that it is important to hold an event in the garden each summer in order to fully appreciate the garden. Friends were anticipating a garden strawberry social during the summer.

Sarah Hoggatt, one of ten editors who helped produce an anthology of essays (Spirit Rising) by young Friends, was a guest speaker at West Hills Friends Church (Portland, OR). Sarah read the story of Samuel (who heard the voice of God as a young person), and reflected on the importance of bringing the voice of youth into our conversations as a church.

West Hills Friends Church (Portland, OR) approved the following minute: “The community endorses a recommendation from the Search Committee and WHF Elders to call Mark Pratt-Russum as our next youth pastor.

Mike Huber, pastor of West Hills Friends Church (Portland, OR) told the story of three angels who came to earth with gifts from above. The third angel carried the gift of Failure. Failure can be a gift if it opens one to something new. Friends were asked if accepting failure could open a new way forward in their lives?

West Hills Friends Church (Portland, OR) prepared supper for the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage while the Pilgrims were in Portland. A group of the Pilgrims worshipped with West Hills Friends and had lunch with them.

At Promotion Sunday at First Friends, Whittier (CA) teachers were honored for their work and students were recognized for their achievements.

“Peace Is in Our Hands” was the theme of the 15th annual Peace Camp at First Friends, Whittier (CA). The aim of Peace Camp is to promote an understanding of peace and justice; respect for self and others; cooperation in group settings; management of conflict; and appreciation of our environment.

At the Wyoming Friends Retreat, Friends had the opportunity for relaxation, spiritual enrichment and of others and nature, with a few planned, creative activities, emphasizing enjoyment depth, and sharing with others which Friends were able to join in or not as they chose.

Deaths noted in Newsletters:

Jim Read, Boise Valley Meeting

Susanna Blake Gabay, Eugene Meeting

Deb Miller, Eugene Meeting

Terry Fieldhouse, Grass Valley Meeting

Carl Bennett, Friends Community Church, Homedale

Jane Kyle, Mission Valley Worship Group

Gerhard Fritzsche, Pima Meeting

Helene Fritzsche, Pima Meeting

Monte Gregg Steadman, Redwood Forest Meeting

Walter Kersey, Sacramento Meeting

Janet Hawksley, Vancouver Island Meeting

Beyond the Monthly Meeting/Churches

After long, prayerful and careful seasoning, the Search Committee for the American Friends Service Committee made a recommendation to the Board for the next General Secretary which was accepted. She is Shan Cretin, at present Regional Director of ASFC Pacific South West, based in Los Angeles. A member of Santa Monica Meeting, Shan has been very active with Pacific Yearly Meeting. She has served on many committees, been Treasurer, and for 2 years, served as Clerk of Yearly Meeting. Shan will be sorely missed locally, but AFSC has gained a truly competent and deeply spiritual leader.

The Third National Quaker Conference on Torture & Accountability is scheduled for September 24-26, 2010 at Quaker Center, Ben Lomond CA.
Two internationally known anti-torture activists will headline the Conference on Torture. Human rights attorney and investigator Scott Horton will be the keynote speaker. Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch, will also bring his unique perspective on the work.

Canadian Yearly Meeting meets in Winnipeg, Manitoba Aug. 13-20 at the Canadian

Mennonite University.

The Christian Friends Conference of Northern California agreed to hold its next meeting at Berkeley Friends Church on Saturday, September 25th.

The Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy is the Quaker group whose mission is to bring Friends' testimonies to public policy in the State of Washington. FCWPP seeks to fill the position of Legislative Advocate, i.e., lobbyist. This position is part-time; a Quaker is preferred. For a complete job description, see, or contact FCWPP Clerk Tom Ewell c/o

The Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy is requesting suggestions for the redesign of the FCWPP logo. The current FCWPP logo now consists of a hint of the outline of the state, a small bird, an evergreen tree and a mountain. The Committee would like its logo to better represent Quaker identity, work in Olympia, and the mission of working for criminal reform, peace, and economic and environmental issues.

Samuel Mahaffy of Spokane Friends Church (WA) is serving as the Coordinator for the FWCC Global Change Consultation. Information: or

Lillian Vega Ortiz has worked with the Guatemalan Alternatives to Violence Project as a facilitator and Friend’s Peace Team’s “Peace Building en Las Americas” initiative in Central America. She recently toured the Northwest and talked about how the civil war and the resulting culture of violence have affected the culture and people of Guatemala. She spoke to many Friends, including Bellingham Meeting (WA), Corvallis Meeting (OR) Eugene Meeting (OR), and Multnomah Meeting (OR).

The Los Altos History Museum will present an exhibit about Frank and Josephine Duvenick, between January and June of 2011. The Duvenicks were active in the Quaker Community and also with The American Friends Service Committee.

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Junior Friends went on a Service Trip to Petersfield Jamaica, July 25 to August 1, 2010. More information about the trip:

Several Northwest Yearly Meeting churches are involved with community gardens this summer, providing opportunity to build relationships with their neighbors while meeting very real needs for nutritious food.

The Peace Education subcommittee of Northwest Yearly Meeting is accepting submissions for January’s daily devotional focused on how NWYM members are walking in peace. The foundational query is: “In what ways have you felt called to live out the Friends peace testimony?”

Over Memorial Day weekend, 30 youth, representing 15 different churches of Northwest Yearly Meeting, came together at Camp Yamhill in Oregon. Samuel School II, a leadership camp for high school juniors and seniors, offered classes and activities designed to challenge the youth spiritually and stretch them outside their comfort zones.

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